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Basic and Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition
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:: Volume 26, Issue 6 (Bimonthly 2022) ::
Feyz 2022, 26(6): 703-713 Back to browse issues page
The effect of combined exercises )Aerobic-TRX( and cinnamon supplementation on serum levels of Irisin and glucose homeostasis in inactive overweight women
Amir Delshad , Maryam Sadat Dashti
Department of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Qom, I.R. Iran. , Ah_delshad@gmail.com
Abstract:   (899 Views)
Background: It seems that physical activity is effective in improving the homeostasis of glucose and blood lipids by increasing the production of circulating levels of Irisin. this research aimed to investigate the simultaneous effect of cinnamon and TRX exercises on the serum levels of Irisin and metabolic status of inactive obese women.
Materials and Methods: The current research was semi-experimental. 40 overweight female volunteers were randomly assigned to four groups of combined exercise (n=10), combined exercise-supplement (n=10), supplement (n=10) and control (n=10). Blood sampling was 24 hours before the start of training period and 48 hours after end of the last session. Then, by using the analysis of covariance (Ancova) test, between-group changes were used and paired correlation T-test was used for intra-group comparison. Data analysis was done by SPSS version 25 software at a significance level of P<0.05.
Results: The findings of this research showed that the combined exercise and cinnamon supplement decreased the serum concentration of insulin and HOME. Also, that increased the level of Irisin, and the values of serum glucose were not significant. but intragroup analysis showed that there was a difference between the averages in exercise group (P=0.048) and exercise-supplement group (P=0.021) in the post-test compared to the pre-test, a significant decrease can be seen.
Conclusion: In this study, Irisin had a negative correlation with fasting blood glucose, BMI, which probably increase can have beneficial effects on glucose regulation, insulin resistance and obesity caused by overweight in women.
Keywords: Cinnamon, Glucose, Insulin, Insulin resistance, Irisin
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: General
Received: 2022/08/17 | Revised: 2023/03/4 | Accepted: 2022/12/14 | Published: 2023/02/22
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Delshad A, Dashti M S. The effect of combined exercises )Aerobic-TRX( and cinnamon supplementation on serum levels of Irisin and glucose homeostasis in inactive overweight women. Feyz 2022; 26 (6) :703-713
URL: http://feyz.kaums.ac.ir/article-1-4685-en.html

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