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Peer Review and Publication Cycle

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Feyz Medical Sciences Journal uses peer review double-blind; which means that in the reviewing process, the opinions of professors in the same field of expertise are used in the same way as the author of the article, and both the reviewer and the author are anonymous to each other.
Reviewing helps the editor choose the right manuscripts. But it is the editor who makes the final decision about all the content. Decisions may be made for reasons independent of the quality of a manuscript, such as being unsuitable for the journal. If concerns are raised about the integrity of the work, an editor can reject the article at any time before publication, even after acceptance.
Manuscripts selected for review will be reviewed by specialized and technical methods within a maximum of 30 days. Authors should submit the revised article within two weeks, in which the correction file is highlighted in red or yellow, and be sure to respond to unsolicited comments. If the modified version is not sent after one month, the article will be archived.
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